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Onkyo has a wide range of high-quality Audio Systems for Home Theater and Audio, Home Network Systems, Speaker Solutions with Dolby-Atmos technology and related items. Amber Technology is the authorised Australian dealer of Onkyo, instore and online.

Amber Technology launches TX-NR727, TX-NR626 and TX-NR525 Network Receivers

 Warriewood, Australia – May 16, 2013 ‐ Amber Technology has unveiled three exciting network A/V receivers for the 2013 model year, pushing standards for performance and value to unprecedented heights at the entry‐level.

# Onkyo’s built‐in Wi‐fi receivers allows smartphone‐located audio files to be streamed using Onkyo’s free remote app (For iOS® Devices as well as Android‐based devices) without the need for a wired Ethernet connection. High quality music files such as FLAC, Apple Lossless, Dolby®TrueHD, LPCM and DSD hi‐res can be
streamed using the app via your home network and DLNA from a NAS drive or PC.*

# Built‐in Bluetooth audio streaming means you and your friends can connect a smartphone, table or pc (with Bluetooth capability) quickly and easily to your Onkyo Network Receiver without the need for a local network.*

# 4K Ultra HD pass‐through via HDMI® guarantees compatibility with forth coming video technology on all three models, Qdeo™ 4K video Up‐scaling can convert any signal from your connected devices to 4K from a single HDMI output (TX‐NR626 and TX‐NR727).

*TX‐NR525 requires plug‐in adapter to enable these wireless features

“We are excited about releasing the new Onkyo models on the 1st of June 2013. New technology and lower prices combined with Onkyo’s usual high standard in audio and video performance will assure our success in this very competitive receiver marketplace.“ Says Andrew Richter, Brand Manager Lifestyle Entertainment for Amber Technology

The new range release starts with the TX‐NR727 Network A/V Receiver, the most powerful of the three, sporting THX® Select2 Plus™, Onkyo’s high‐current three‐stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry for all channels ensures plenty of power on‐tap to fill large rooms with reference surround sound.

Receiver functionality can be easily controlled via Onkyo’s free smartphone app including its advanced network connectivity. Streaming audio from your computer is a simple affair via DLNA. Using the remote app you can send a big range of hi‐res, lossless and compressed formats‐including FLAC and Apple Lossless for your NAS and PC or even music directly from your mobile device to your home cinema. If you are limited for content then use the built‐in streaming services such as Spotify, Aupeo! & Tunein Internet radio. With “Whole House Mode” you can send music around your connected zones in the house easily and without the usual time‐delay.

8 HDMI inputs provide plenty of scope for your digital sources including a front mounted HDMI terminal for compatible MHL™ devices to display 1080p video and other media content. 2 HDMI outputs allow for both Projector and flat‐panel to be connected at the same time for easy switching. InstaPrevue™ shows your HDMI
sources pictorially for simple selection of inputs. Hybrid standby facilitates use of your TV and other connected HDMI devices without turning on the receiver.

People who like all of this functionality but are on a smaller budget need look no further than the TX‐NR626 Network A/V Receiver. Powered by Onkyo‘s Three‐stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry for the front 3 channels. Network capability is enhanced if you don’t have dedicated Ethernet connectivity in your entertainment area
with —built‐in Wi‐Fi and Bluetooth technology—. Future video capability has been assured with 4K Ultra HD pass‐through combined with 4K up‐scaling of lower resolution signals like its big brother. Its 7.2 channel configuration can be adapted to allow bi‐amping of the front speakers, additional surround channels or powering
an additional zone in your house.

Unlike some other well‐priced A/V receivers which use a lower quality hybrid‐IC configuration, the new 5.2 channel TX‐NR525 Network A/V Receiver is powered by discrete high‐current output devices, The key to this technology lies in Onkyo’s acclaimed low‐negative‐feedback WRAT (Wide Range Amp Technology) topology. All
Onkyo A/V Receivers are capable of higher power outputs, with lower distortion for a dynamic movie & game experience. Network capability and free smartphone app control makes it hard to overlook for first‐time buyers. Onkyo’s 2 channel enthusiast roots aren’t overlooked with a 192kHz/24‐bit TI Burr‐Brown DAC (Digital to
Analogue Converter). HDMI switching from its 6 inputs allows 4K Ultra HD pass‐through. Onkyo’s PM Bass (Phase‐Matching Bass enhancement) optimizes low frequencies while preserving midrange clarity. Without phase shifting

From Onkyo’s roots in two‐channel hi‐fi, and always being on the forefront of multi‐channel home theatre, Onkyo is now leading the way toward house‐wide entertainment systems driven by powerful A/V processing hubs. Constantly changing technology means better‐equipped products at all levels of the market, allowing consumers to enjoy the life‐changing benefits of the digital revolution.

RRP Pricing for the TX‐NR525,626 & 727 are: $849, $1099 & $1799 respectively.
For further information:
Andrew Richter
Brand Manager Lifestyle Entertainment
Tel (02) 9998 7600

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