Amber adds Vision

Amber Technology Expands it's range with the addition of a range of Installation solutions from Vision

Vision continues to be a brand-leader in audio-visual installation components,adding unique new products designed to save installers time on the job and allow a unique level of integration. What makes the Techconnect2 range so special is that they can be used as standalone products or with each other. Techconnect2 brings connectivity, audio, and control together in one system

New plug-in cables
New for 2010, all modules feature plug-in connectors on the rear.
Cables come pre-terminated with male connectors which are simply plugged into the rear of the module.
Need to shorten or pull a cable?Just unscrew the phoenix connector.
Techconnect2 gives you the speed of a pre-terminated system with the flexibility you sometimes need.                                                                                                                 

The Techconnect2 range features an attractive architectural front surround system making it suitable for corporate and home-cinema applications
Robust clip-in modules make it super-quick to install and flexible.

New PCB design
Also new for 2010 the printed circuit boards on the modules have been upgraded to multi-layer, enabling them to be much smaller. There is much more space

Upgrade path
Need to replace a module or add to a faceplate? Techconnect2 makes it simple, easy, and cost-effective. The modules are interchangeable, so if in the future you require a different
connector to be installed, you can simply buy just the module you want and install it.

Any Application
Pro-audio? Networking? Home cinema? Corporate AV? Modules with a huge variety of connectors are available for any application.

Standard Backboxes
Techconnect2 packages come with a surface-mounted ‘backbox’ and a ’surround’ -
the part the modules clip into. The range includes various flush and surface mounting backboxes,
and all the surrounds conform to standard British sizes. Australian surrounds are also available which conform to local standards.

Vision also offers a full range of audio, mount, and signal management solutions – all uniquely designed by installers,for installers. Short videos are now available on
the website explaining the features and benefits of each product, plus you can download manuals, product pdfs, and images. Don’t hesitate to contact us
through the website if you have any questions or feedback

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