Dedicated TC TonePrints For Bass

New Bass TonePrints – Low-end Effects Taken to New Heights




TC's TonePrint  Pedals Become Dedicated Bass Effects

Last year, TC introduced their range of amazing TonePrint guitar pedals. Now some of the best bass players in the world have added their personal touch to these pedals – Bass TonePrints are here!

An impressive line-up of top bass players have already contributed including Nathan East (Clapton, Fourplay, etc), Mark King (Level 42),Divinity Roxx (Beyoncé), Gail Ann Dorsey (Lenny Kravitz), Charles Cave (White Lies), Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Nine Inch Nails, Beck),Uriah Duffy and more...


The list of Bass TonePrint artists is ever-expanding, making these pedals your never-ending source of funky, grungy, slappin', thumpin', rockin' custom tones with loads of low-end personality and inspiration.


The TonePrint pedal series contains the Flashback DelayCorona ChorusVortex FlangerHall of Fame Reverb and Shaker Vibrato. You can get all Bass TonePrints as free downloads, or as part of the ground-breaking TonePrint App for smartphones that allows you to simply beam Bass TonePrints through the pickups of your bass and directly into your pedals.



About The Bass TonePrint Concept...

Bass TonePrints are highly personal & unique sounding tones for TC's 5 TonePrint Enabled effect pedals. These tones (or TonePrints) – have been created by some of the best bass players alive.

What’s essential to notice is that these TonePrints are not just presets based on how the TonePrint artists dial in the knobs positions. When designing Bass TonePrints, the artists get access to powerful software that allows them to adjust every effect parameter imaginable – not just the ones represented by physical knobs. In a way, you get an artist signature pedal when loading a Bass TonePrint – but with the ultimate power to change the name of the signature at any time you wish!

Beam Away!

All of these amazing Bass TonePrints are completely free and can be downloaded from the TC website and transferred via USB to the pedals.

But there is a much easier and cooler way… TC has developed an app for smartphones that allows you to beam any TonePrint directly to your pedals by simply holding the speaker of your smartphone over the pickup of your bass. Magically, the TonePrint is being transferred as magnetic impulses going through your magnetic pickups via your cable and directly to the pedal. It literally only takes seconds and is the coolest way you’ll ever tweak your effect pedals!