MC3 Studio Monitor Controller from Radial

New cost-effective, high performance studio monitor, sub & headphone management system.

 The new Radial MC3 is a passive device that switches the signal without introducing any circuitry. The power connection is used to toggle the internal relays, turn on some LED's, sum the input to mono for the sub woofer and, of course, power up the headphones.

The intent is simple: smaller studios need to switch between various studio monitors and a sub woofer. There are many controllers on the market. But most are expensive or worse yet, they colour the sound of the audio signal.

How do you use it? Easy… connect your source (recorder or computer audio output) to the stereo inputs. Then connect your two sets of monitors to outputs A and B. Usually, folks start by recording using smaller monitors and then test with bigger ones. The sub can also be turned on separately.

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