Meridian Releases CONTROL 15 Digital Media Server

The Control 15 combines all 3 functions that define a Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System – storage, playback & control – into a single unit.

Sooloos – in a single unit

The Control 15 embodies all three of the functions that define a Meridian Sooloos  Digital Media System – storage, playback & control – in a single unit. Simply add Meridian DSP loudspeakers to create a complete system.


The Control 15 stores the equivalent of up to about 1000 CD albums in Lossless  format, thanks to its internal 500GB hard drive. If additional Meridian Sooloos products with hard-disk storage are available on the network, the Control 15 will share these resources for storage, and render audio from them.

A Compact Disc drive is included in the Control 15, allowing music to be imported into the system direct from CD. Media can also be added via the Control PC and Control Mac applications.


The Control 15 features a brand-new audio output design which includes the very best of Meridian’s experience with digital sound. Digital signal processing provides the full range of digital audio features for which Meridian is renowned, such as upsampling for enhanced audio performance, and an ultra-low-jitter clocking system for superior stereo imaging and digital audio performance.


The Control 15 embodies Meridian’s award-winning, ultra-intuitive Sooloos touch-screen interface, allowing instant access to a Meridian Sooloos music collection in many different ways. With a high-contrast, high-resolution 17-inch LCD display, the Control 15 features a sensitive resistive touch panel that responds instantly to a fingertip.

The Control 15 integrates fully into an existing Meridian Sooloos system, and is able to control other zones, seamlessly access additional storage and be operated from other control devices.

The latest Meridian Sooloos software offers advanced music discovery, integrating Rhapsody®* and Internet Radio services; streamlined system configuration; zone playback synchronisation;  third-party control, including Crestron integration; and dedicated Sooloos iPad and iPhone applications enabling wireless control.