Gefen Wireless for HDMI extends Full HD 1080P video and audio wirelessly

Extend a Full HD 1080P HDMI Video source wirelessly up to 10 meters

The new GefenTV Wireless for HDMI 60 GHz extender system sends high definition audio and video to any HD TV display up to 10 meters.You can extend HDMI A/V content from computers, set-top boxes, or Blu-ray players to a remote HDCP-compliant Hi-Def display.

The product is comprised of small table-top Sender and Receiver units. It supports resolutions up to 1080p Full HD, 3DTV, CEC, and also 7.1-channels of High Bit Rate (HBR) lossless digital audio such as Dolby® TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio™.

The Wireless for HDMI 60 GHz is specifically designed to transmit within a room. Its signal will not penetrate through walls, facilitating interference-free operation of multiple units in adjacent venues and close proximity. Line-of-sight placement of transceivers, however, is not necessary. Thanks to its small form-factor, high performance, and near-zero latency, this product is ideal for high-definition A/V extension within a conference room or home theater installation.

Typical User Application

Ideal for high end home theater applications optimized for High Bit Rate lossless 7.1 channel audio such as Dolby® TrueHD and DTS Master Audio™ and best possible 1080p Full HD picture, where the head-end equipment is located remotely from the display or projector. Also perfect for presentation venues such as board rooms and conference centers where presentation equipment such as laptops need to be connected to remotely mounted displays and projectors.

How it Works

  1. Connect the included HDMI cable from the Hi-Def source to the Sender unit.
  2. Connect the other included HDMI cable from the Receiver unit to the HDTV display.
  3. Connect the power supplies to both the Sender and Receiver units and to available electrical outlets.
  4. Power-up the source and the display.
  5. Press the power buttons on the Sender and Receiver units and make sure that they are on.
  6. A clear and vivid Hi-Def picture will appear on the screen and high resolution 7.1 channel audio will be played back through the audio system. CEC commands are also transferred seamlessly between connected HDMI components.