New iLunar Dock From Onkyo Now in Stock

Fill Up Your Room with Absolute 3D Sound, introducing the iLunar iPod speaker dock from Onkyo. Featuring Bluetooth connectivity and 360 degree sound dispersion, the iLunar will make sure you're in the musical sweet spot anywhere in the room.

This remarkable system envelops the listener in stereophonically balanced sound
regardless of where they are positioned within the room. Getting the 3D listening party started is a just matter of docking your iPod/
iPhone—or if you prefer, streaming wirelessly from any Bluetooth-compatible smart phone, tablet, or personal computer—and diving
into a refreshing musical landscape.

Absolute 3D sound by Sonic Emotion

The iLunar’s Absolute 3D sound concept is made possible by innovative technology from the Swiss company Sonic Emotion. Absolute 3D works by processing incoming stereo signals, locating sound objects within the mix, and recreating their original positions using the iLunar’s 6.1 loudspeaker array. Called Sound Field Control, the patented technology eliminates the conventional stereo sweet spot so everyone in the room can enjoy a natural, immersive listening experience. With remote-selectable 3D modes including Normal, Enhanced, and
Vocal, this technology renders an authentic Absolute 3D image to create the feeling of being in the studio with the musicians playing around you.







Bluetooth Streaming at Your Fingertips

Whether you’re an iPhone or iPad user, an Android fan, or
an owner of a compatible device with Bluetooth capability,
streaming music through your iLunar couldn’t be easier. Just
pair the devices, select the track, playlist, or album you want
to listen to, and press “play”. With the robust data transfer
capabilities of Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR, you’ll be delighted with
remarkably clear sound reproduction. There’s even a handy
USB port for charging compatible smart phones and tablets
while you’re streaming your music.

Available now in White (Black TBA)

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