New Primacoustic ShowPad 2

ShowPad 2 allows Apple's iPad 2 to be used on stage by attaching it to a mic stand.

Primacoustic's new ShowPad 2 is a handy device designed to connect the Apple IPad 2 to a microphone stand for use on stage, in the studio or even as part of an audio-visual presentation system.

The design begins with an adjustable tube clamp that allows the ShowPad 2 to fit on all common microphone sands and boom attachments. A ball joint connects the iPad 2 cradle allowing the iPad to be angled for optimal viewing and rotated for landscape or portrait modes. The custom contoured cradle snugly fits the iPad and is equipped with two spring loaded clasps that make mounting easy. This also makes it quick to take your iPad off stage between sets where it can be safeguarded.

With hundreds of thousands of applications, the iPad 2 has become the go-to interface for all kinds of music and performance programs. The ShowPad 2 lets you take full advantage of the this technological marvel by bringing it with you on stage.

RRP $69.00 inc GST. So let the show begin!