Radial Cube™ 500 Series Frame

The new Cube™ is a 500 Series desk-top frame to house up to 3 processing modules.



Radial Engineering's new CUBE™  is a 500 Series desk-top power supply designed to house 3 of Radial's continuously expanding range of processing modules whilst remaining compatible with older Lunchbox™ devices.

Unlike other 500 Series enclosures that are usually rack mounted, the Cube™ is designed to conveniently sit on a desktop, be carried around the studio or be recessed into the work surface.

Two sets of flanges are supplied to either fully recess the Cube into the desktop or angle it at 30 degrees for optimal viewing.

For those who want to optimise signal-to-noise, a carry handle makes it easy to move the Cube around the studio to position instrument & microphone pre’s as close to the source as possible.

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