Celebrate the Great Outdoors with SonArray

Raise the bar of outdoor entertainment with SonArray.

Australians love the great outdoors.  We celebrate the beach, the bush and the backyard BBQ.  And with more than 80% of all Australians living within 50 kms of the coastline, it's no wonder we have a longing to be in the best room of the house - the one outside it.

Sonance, the leader in architectural speaker solutions, now extends aesthetically-discreet high-quality audio solutions to the outdoors with the new SonArray System, forming part of the comprehensive SLS (Sonance Landscape Series) range.

Sonance’s new SonArray system combines eight satellite speakers featuring a 3.5” (89mm) anodized aluminium cone and an 8” (203mm) dual voice coil underground subwoofer with brown hammertone-finished metal canopy.  The System, when run complete with the eight satellites and Subwoofer, presents as an 8ohm load allowing it to be driven by a standard AV receiver or power amplifier. 


Distribute the satellites throughout garden beds evenly and discreetly, and from a canopy hidden under the foliage, hear rich detailed bass from the underground subwoofer.  Covering the outdoor space evenly with sound means you can run the overall system at an overall lower volume, making it easy to have conversation over the top of the music that the SonArray System is immersing you in.  The SonArray System is perfect for those who seek high quality audio outdoors in spaces of up to 185 square metres.  Installation is easy, as it is wired in a simple daisy-chain configuration, allowing you to run one length of direct burial speaker cable around the perimeter of your landscape and connecting into the cable where the speakers are placed.

Not only does the SonArray output high quality audio from a discreet installation so as to not compromise the aesthetics of the landscaping, it also eliminates problematic loud areas that can make conversation difficult while at the same time addressing quiet areas where you can barely hear the music.  Placing the speakers around the perimeter of a property, directing the audio output inwards, means sound spill over into a neighbour’s yard is minimised – so your neighbours will love it as well!  More details here.

Raise the bar of outdoor entertainment with SonArray.

The SonArray System will be available in Australia in March.