TC Electronic announces Ditto : Mind-blowingly Simple Looper for Guitarists

Ditto Looper is a looper that has been made by guitarists specifically for guitarists. Ditto Looper is the first looper to cut all unnecessary tech hoopla and focus on fun, simplicity and great sound quality. A guitarist's pedal, Ditto Looper has a feature


Click This Vid To See Ditto Work Its Magic!

What puts Ditto Looper miles ahead of the looper pack is its completely new approach to looping. We designed Ditto Looper with guitarists and guitarists only in mind. Ditto Looper is not about singers, drummers or whoever else might want to try looping. And we aimed at creativity, speed and ease-of-use that shines in a live context. As a result, Ditto Looper is 100% intuitive and takes up virtually no space on your pedal board. This pedal's design, features and sounds are a total no-brainer. You simply plug in and Ditto!

How Do You Ditto?

The Essence Of Looping

Ditto - ain't she a beauty? Wait until you hear it!

Ditto Looper’s feature set is as stunning as its design - every thought that went into development and construction is dedicated to guitarists. This resulted in features that actually matter to guitarists, like True Bypass and Analog-Dry-Through, 5 minutes of looping time, 24 bit uncompressed super-high audio quality, an Undo/Redo function to help build songs, unlimited overdubs and an ultra-small footprint.


So, Elevator Pitch: What makes Ditto Looper so special?


  • Designed by guitarists, for guitarists
  • Super intuitive
  • Amazing sounds


That's it. That perfectly sums up what sets Ditto Looper apart from the wannabes and overly-techy products that should really be on Starship Enterprise. Ditto Looper harnesses the very essence of musicality, with a feature set that gives guitarists exactly what they need. Oh, and once you start playing with Ditto Looper, we can guarantee you'll have a hard time stopping - it's just too much fun!



Available from your Authorised TC Electronic Reseller February 2013