TC Electronic celebrates Metallica

Metal Gods Metallica will be headlining the Soundwave Festival Tour later this month. TC Electronic is celebrating all things Metallica this month with a dedicated website and a special time limited promotion on the G-Major 2.


As music fans themselves, TC could not be more proud of what Metallica has done for music and the contributions TC Electronic have been able to make to their tone.
Metallica has been using TC Electronic gear since 1984's Ride The Lightning and G-Major 2 is a cornerstone of their live sound today with both James and Kirk relying heavily on the processor for their live sounds.

All the iconic classic clean sounds from Fade To Black, to One and from Sanitarium, to Nothing Else Matters are made using TC Electronic's G-Major 2, besides that G-Major 2 adds extra chunk to rhythm sounds and extra vibe to leads too.

So to celebrate the legacy of Metallica and to pay tribute to 4 metal heads that grew into rock legends, we have a very special offer on G-Major 2 - the effects processor Kirk and James rely on!

Time Limited offer! Pre-Order Now!

Be a part of this special promotion and save $200 on the price of this iconic rack processor – but only for a limited time! (RRP $999) (Valid till March 15th)

Contact your authorised TC Reseller for details!

For more info about the band, behind the scenes video gear runs and the chance to win some great prizes visit: