TC Electronic updates all loudness products to ITU-1770-3 spec

ITU has just updated their international broadcast standard to BS.1770-3, and TC El;ectronic follow by releasing free software updates for a wide range of their loudness products to comply with the new version.

The broadcast world is fast and ever-evolving, which makes it very important for broadcasters and post and production audio professionals, delivering content for broadcast, to always be on par with the latest development. However, in order to do so, manufacturers must first provide products that comply with the latest development. Since we’ve have taken part in several aspects of establishing broadcast standards in the first place, it’s not surprising that we are among the first to release updates that reflect changes to the major international broadcast standards such as BS.1770.

Consequently, we now release BS.1770-3-compliant updates for DB2 Loudness Correction Processor, DB4, DB8, DB4 MKII and DB8 MKII TV Transmission Processors, LM2 Stereo Loudness Meter, LM2 and LM6 Native Loudness Meter Plug-ins and the pro audio signal-processing flagship System 6000 MKII.

ITU-R BS.1770-3 is a global, open standard defining how to measure Program Loudness and True-peak level. Having donated key technology to both areas, we are committed to keeping our meters and processors updated as this audio revolution unfolds before our ears.

Free TV Australia is including ITU-1770-3 in the next revision of the OP59 standard, to be released before the end of the year.

We recommend all users of DB2, DB4, DB8, DB4 MKII, DB8 MKII, LM2, LM2 & LM6 Plugins and System 6000 MKII to update their products to keep compliant and stay ahead of the curve.