Why your TV needs you to own a sound system

Bought a new TV in the last 6 years? "Yes" Have you been blown away by the quality of its sound as well as the picture? "No" It's no secret that the audio is more of an afterthought for most TV manufacturers when making new models, Here's what you can do.

Every year consumers are enjoying new television technology to provide lighter, faster, sharper and smarter panels in their homes at ever decreasing costs, the High adoption rate of this technology and popularity of these TV’s means you probably have at least one LED, LCD or Plasma flat screen TV in your home and It’s going to be as thin as a Nintendo Wii, a mobile phone or even thinner.

While this is great for your room and your eyes, the fact is you can’t fit a great sounding speaker array into your average TV enclosure, many manufacturers will design the audio to reflect off the rear wall to simulate a larger sound stage but most of that effect is lost if the unit isn’t wall mounted and you are left with a weak, hollow sound that make it hard to excited no matter what your flashy flat screen is wowing you with.

 What can I do?

So what can you do to get the most out of your viewing experience? Integrating almost any type of sound system into your home will deliver heads and tails over the stock speakers and there are plenty of options so don’t worry if you can’t afford or can’t fit a full 7.2 channel set up. Here are two ways you can get the most out of a your room that be integrated easily into almost any room.



First up is the soundbar, these show stopping speakers from Boston Acoustic are a compact, stylish and simple way to get the most out of a room that has a limited space and they don’t even need a separate amp to run so they are very cost effective too, bang for your buck customers this is for you.

The soundbar is a single enclosure in a long housing to accommodate all speakers and power amp together so one digital audio cable from your TV into the back and your ready to go, they include wireless subwoofers for extra bass and Bluetooth technology so your speakers can also thump out tunes from your phone without the need to plug in. You won’t find a consumer TV on the market today that sounds even close to how good these sound out of the box.

Satellite systems

Sub sat systems have always been a favourite among budget conscious buyers who want a real surround sound feel without the need to have large floor standing speakers all around the room. Traditionally small in stature, a satellite speaker can be easily wall mounted, placed on a shelf or in a cabinet. Configurations for these are also quite versatile allowing a 2ch, 2.1ch, 3ch, 5.1ch set up among others, so something for any situation.

Onkyo HTX-22HDX

This system can fit almost anywhere; the Amp is built into the subwoofer offering a very space conscious design. Sold standard with two satellite speakers for a 2.1 configuration, consumers looking for a 5.1 setup can purchase the optional speaker pack containing a centre and two rear channels without the need to upgrade their amp. Perfect for a high end computer set up or home theatre, this unassumingly versatile pack has onboard technology to process hdmi and 3D inputs for future proof peace of mind.


Boston Acoustic BO-SNDWREXS2.1/ BO-SNDWREXS5.1

The SoundWare XS Loudspeaker System is an ultra-compact speaker system that brings a new level of style and substance to anyone looking for great sounding home theatre. You can enjoy rich, room-filling surround sound while complementing your décor in a stylish yet subtle (even virtually unnoticeable, if desired) manner. Available in 2.1ch and 5.1ch versions in black or white, these extra small sat packs include wall brackets standard and leave a minimal footprint but a dramatic sound experience.