Radial JX44 Guitar Signal Manager

Air Controlâ„¢ Guitar Signal Manager

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The Radial JX44 Air Control is a high performance guitar signal manager.

Designed for the most demanding professional concert stages where wireless guitar systems, acoustics, effects & multiple amplifiers are used simultaneously, the JX44 features 4 inputs. FX loops, 6 amplifier outputs and much more.

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To ensure the highest quality signal transfer, the four instrument inputs employ Radial’s unique class-A buffering topology with 100% discreet components. Inputs A & B are augmented with Drag™ Control load correction that lets you ‘dial in’ the perfect load for the most natural tone, while inputs B &C are equipped with a trim level that let you quickly balance signal levels.

There are two effects loops: A remotely controllable ‘local’ effects loop provides an easy interface to drawer-filled pedals or multi-effects processors and the built-in Radial SGI-44 (Special version of the Studio Guitar Interface) provides a noise-free connection to-and-from distant pedal boards to distances of 100 meters. A Radial direct box works double duty as an acoustic guitar output to the PA or as a direct feed for recording. With the JX44, you can record a ‘clean guitar track’ and use the built-in Radial X-Amp in post production to re-amplify the signal to multiple amplifiers and pedals at the same time. With a JX44 in your rig, fixing a bum note for the live release is now possible.

Up to six guitar amplifiers may be used at once. Outputs 1 and 2 are single while outputs 3 and 4 are doubled-up to drive stereo amp setups or multiple stacks. All outputs are transformer isolated to eliminate hum and buzz from ground loops. These also feature 180º polarity reverse switches to ensure all amps are in absolute phase. Amps can be selected from the front panel or from the JR5 remote. This five function footswitch is equipped with internal memory that lets you store 4 amp scenes and recall them with single foot action. A second JR5 can also be used to activate or mute guitars. To further enhance stage functionality, the JX44 sports a separately buffered tuner output with mute switch for silent tuning. Signals can be muted using the front panel switch, a latching footswitch, or with the JR5 remote. You get complete control right where you want it.

Should ever a problem occur, a front panel ‘panic’ button hardwires input-A to output-1 for direct-to-amp connection. This will even work if the JX44 power goes down. With a Radial JX44 in your rig, the show will go on!

Designed for ultimate stage functionality and pristine studio fidelity, the Radial JX44 is a powerful device that delivers tremendous signal routing capabilities in an easy to use and great sounding package!

  • Manages 4 guitars and 6 amps at once
  • 100% discreet Class-A buffered for natural tone
  • Transformer isolated to eliminate ground loops
  • Built-in direct box and signal re-amplifier
  • Two effects loops – local and long haul
  • Remote control footswitch for guitars and amps
  • Four programmable ‘scenes’ for amps & effects

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