Music Equipment

Whether you're on stage, in the studio or simply at home, creating music is what makes everything worthwhile. Amber Technology offers a wide range of instruments and music technology from some of the world's most respected manufacturers, all chosen to help you deliver a premium performance - every time! Available through a nation-wide network of authorised resellers.


Pedals, switchers and preamps for musicians who won't compromise on performance.


Astounding state-of-the-art Voice Processing Systems for studio & stage.


A professional range of dedicated solutions for powering effects pedals.


Precision audio & video cable assemblies for professional applications.

Jet City Amplification

All Tube Guitar amps, designed by Mike Soldano


Precision microphone solutions for critical broadcast,studio & live performance applications.


Stage Equipment, Sound Systems, Microphones, Loudspeakers, Amplifiers, Mixers, Processors.


Premium guitar Over Drive pedals manufactured in Denmark.

T-Rex Effects

T-Rex Engineering creates high quality equipment such as effects pedals, power supplies, cables, and pedal boards for guitarists around the world.

Warwick Basses

Warwick GmbH & Co, is the market leading manufacturer of Warwick basses, Framus Guitars and RockGear accessories.

Framus Guitars

FRAMUS was one of the most important manufacturers of electric guitars in Europe between 1946 and the end of the 1970s. The company was created by Fred Wilfer, the father of Hans-Peter Wilfer, who would create Warwick some years later.