ToneBone BIGSHOT PB1 Power Booster

Class-A Power Booster.

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The ToneBone BIGSHOT PB1 is a combination power booster & buffer for exceptional sonic performance with pedalboards.

The BigShot PB1 is designed to provide exceptional sonic performance for pedalboard users in a compact and simple package. It provides 15dB of boost, accessed using a guitar pick via a rear-mounted recessed control that is protected from foot stomp damage.

Unlike class-B preamps found in most pedals that colour the tone and give buffers a bad name, the ToneBone BigShot PB1 features 100% discreet class-A circuit topology for the utmost in sound quality. Class-A circuits are preferred due to reduced zero cross distortion, improved phase response and the resulting smooth Bessel curve of evenly cascading harmonics. This is augmented with Drag control, a variable load correction circuit that lets you dial in the perfect impedance to match the original tone and feel of your guitar and amp combination.

With the PB1, noise is reduced while performance is augmented. Long cable runs are finally possible. And when you hit the boost, you get smooth clean control like you never thought possible.The BigShot PB1 is likely the finest guitar power booster ever made.

  •   Fully variable class-A power booster for solos
  •   Buffer drives multiple pedals and long cables
  •   Drag control load correction for natural tone
  •   Ultra linear performance for natural boost
  •   Compact and easy to use – great for pedalboards



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