TC-Helicon VOICE SERIES Software Editors

Free Windows/Mac Editors For TC-Helicon Products.

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A range of free Windows/Mac editing packages for various TC-Helicon products.

In a recording session, or preparing presets before a performance, a PC/Mac Editor for compatible TC-Helicon product is an efficient tool for editing and back-up. The editors are supplied free of charge by TC-Helicon.

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Editors are available for:

  • VoiceLive
  • VoiceWorksPlus
  • VoiceWorks
  • VoicePro
  • VoiceDoubler
  • VoiceOne


  • A single intuitive editor GUI that edits presets, songs, banks and global setup data.
  • Updated VST-Plug-in functionality under the latest Sonar, Cubase and Ableton releases.
  • A complete PDF manual set (Quick-Start, User’s Guide, Data Management, Preferences Guide, VST Guide and Troubleshooting) integrated into the application under a dedicated Manuals menu.
  • Fully tested compatibility with Mac OSX Tiger, Leopard, XP and Vista, including operation under non-admin accounts.
  • Optional Set View, MIDI Event Monitor and Global Collection View features.
  • Crystal-sharp parameter fonts that are independent of the host operating system’s rendering system for maximum legibility.

The editors are developed and supported by Vyzor. Please visit their site for support @

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