TC-Helicon VoiceTone HARMONY-M

Vocal Harmony & Effects for Keyboard Players.

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If you sing and play a MIDI keyboard, the TC-Helicon HARMONY-M pedal is simply a must.

Not only does the Harmony-M make it easy to add vocal harmonies, it also provides a complete vocal sound that normally requires much more equipment, knowledge and setup. Imagine a bright, compressed vocal sound with a touch of reverb on the verse and then kicking in harmonies on the chorus of your songs. You’ll turn heads at every gig and rehearsal with Harmony-M.

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Key Features:

  • One or two voices of 4th generation intelligent harmony
  • Interprets your MIDI keyboard playing to choose the correct harmony parts
  • Separate Double effect using overdub algorithm
  • Tone switch engages adaptive Live Engineer Effects
  • 6 reverb/delay combinations with selectable alternates
  • 10 presets, each with A/B selection
  • Selectable harmony voicing including octaves and the unique Bass setting

Kathy Alexander, Solo Performer, Choral Arranger...

"When you're recording in the studio, and dubbing over yourself to create your harmonies, it's a lot of extra time. Whereas with Harmony-M, the first time you do it, all the harmonies are right there (...) it's really satisfying.

Red Led, Audio Fanzine, Oct 2008...

"Fortunately, TC-Helicon was thinking of (...) singer/ pianists who play solo when they created pedals allowing them to be, as if by magic, accompanied by two virtual singers who even know the set-list by heart!"

Easy Harmony Generation

Harmony-M has a good ear for music. It listens to your performance and decides what harmony notes would sound best with your song. All you have to do is choose one of the presets, then play your keyboard and sing. No pre-programming or extensive musical or technical knowledge are required in order to use Harmony-M.

Preset or Programmed: Your Choice

The factory presets were designed to cover many situations but when you want to customize, you can. You can adjust the effect type, the arrangement of voices above and below your voice (voicing) and Doubling on/off. You can even set up a preset in Manual mode so when you need to, you can temporarily override the keyboard interpretation feature and perform actual harmony melodies.

One Sound Or Many: Your Choice

Many people will be happy with one sound all of the time and can simply use the On button to turn on the harmony voices when needed. Others may want to use different sounds in their performance and Harmony-M has several ways to do this. Of course, you can use MIDI program change messages but when that isn’t convenient, you can use a footswitch. Each preset has an A and B setting selected with the A/B footswitch so you can set the main part of the song to A and then the bridge of that song to B. If you want more sounds, you can advance and cycle through your presets with the A/B footswitch to access up to 20 different combinations.

Live Engineer Effects With The Tone Button

VoiceTone Correct started the trend towards singers defining their own EQ and compression and now you can have that same smooth, adaptive vocal tone in Harmony-M. There’s nothing to set. When you activate the Tone button, the adaptive features will assess how to set your EQ curve and adjust compression so you sound the best you can. There are 3 alternate settings to choose for special circumstances but generally, it’s set and forget.

Rich Effects To Choose From

Six easy-to-access styles of pre-programmed Reverb, Delay and modulation effects are available to add ambience to your voice and your harmony voices. Additional styles can be accessed by pressing and holding the FX button. 

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