TC-Helicon VOICEWORKS PLUS Vocal Processor

Advanced Vocal Processing For Stage & Studio.

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Create attention-getting vocals with VoiceWorks Plus from TC-Helicon.

VoiceWorks Plus features an extensive effects list including 4th generation TC-Helicon Harmony, Voice Modeling™, and the Transducer & µMod (micromod) blocks from VoicePro for distortion / megaphone and flange/detune effects respectively. A quiet, high quality mic preamp, transparent pitch correction, and the TC Electronic reverb, delay and dynamics algorithms from the classic VoiceWorks round out its capabilities.

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  • A complete signal path from mic input to stereo output. All you add is a PA and your voice.
  • Voice modeling can create everything from the most subtle enhancements to your voice such as breathiness and timbral changes to the sound of hyperactive cartoon characters.
  • Advanced harmony humanization and control options help the virtual harmony voices sound more human.
  • The Transducer algorithm can create megaphone effects, band limiting, distortion, radio voice effects and more for a modern or retro sound
  • Chorus, detuned doubling, flange with pitch feedback and more are created in the µMod effect block
  • Pitch correction keeps your vocals in tune
  • Reverb and delay with tap tempo
  • Compressor, 3 band EQ and gate
  • Footswitch, volume pedal or MIDI remote control

Wide Range Of Vocal Sounds

Whatever type of musical performance you make, the next step towards captivating your audience is to energize your vocals. VoiceWorksPlus offers factory presets and features that will thrill your audience. A typical performance could start with a great basic sound created with the compressor, EQ and some subtle reverb then progress to doubling for a few vocal lines and then on to rich harmony to liven up the chorus of your song. An optional footswitch or a MIDI sequencer can be used to change presets while you play.

Voice Modeling Transformation

When it’s time to create an alternative personality for your vocals, such as when emulating another singer, making your voice richer without pitch shift, or singing like a cartoon character, voice modeling is the answer. You can mix it 100% wet to transform or mix the modeled voice with your dry voice for harmony, doubling or special effects. There are several aspects you can control that define this personality:

* Resonance and Spectral control – Combined in the product as “Frequency”, this group of styles help you shape the timbre, or tone quality of your voice that goes far beyond standard equalization to redefine of your vocal tone.

* Glottal – these effect styles integrate breathiness, rasp and growl to your voice. At it’s most subtle, the Glottal effect can add a breathy character to sung ballads. At its most extreme, anything you say is turned into a focused whisper.

* Pitch – the pitch of the modeled voice can be shifted up an octave or down two octaves and everywhere in between for octave doubling, character transformation or diatonic harmony with a modeled voice.

* Inflection – also known as “scoop”, these short, generated pitch events help differentiate the modeling voice from your voice when they are mixed together. Extreme settings can create hilarious characters.

* Vibrato – a set of vibrato styles from mild to wild help you conjure alternate characters more effectively.

Factory Presets or Customize?

Banks of presets are devoted to specific combinations of features such as harmony, doubling, modeling effects and more make it easy to find what you want. If you want to edit the presets, many of the parameters are grouped into styles to make it faster. When you really want to dig in, you can download the free Vysor editor specifically created for VoiceWorksPlus.

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