ToneBone BIGSHOT SW2 Footswitch Remote

Slingshotâ„¢ Universal Remote Control.

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ToneBone's BIGSHOT SW2 Footswitch Remote is a 2-channel universal remote control that replaces two amplifier foot switches and combine their main functions.

This is of primary importance for pedalboard users that always find themselves short on space. Both latching and pulse outputs are supported enabling the BigShot SW2 to control both older amps with contact closure style channel switching and newer amps with electronic pulse sensing.

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These options are augmented by the 'LINK' function that can gang both remote commands onto either foot switch. This could, for instance, switch both amp channels in a stereo rig from a clean rhythm to a distorted lead channel with one single foot stomp. No tap dancing!

For Tonebone pedal users, the BigShot SW2 provides a compact Slingshot™ remote switching controller that can be used to remotely switch amp heads ( Headbone ) or speaker cabinets ( Cabbone ).
When combined with guitar amps, the switching capabilities are huge!

The ToneBone BigShot SW2 – the world’s first universal remote switcher!

  • Universal foot switch for two amps or devices
  • Link feature to switch both amps at same time
  • Latching or pulse output to work with all amps
  • Switches other Slingshot™ equipped devices
  • Ultra compact–great for pedalboard use


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