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Outdoor speakers

Outdoor speakers are specifically designed to withstand the unique conditions created by an outdoor environment.

When designing a new home or renovation, for most people, the garden is seen as an extension of indoor living spaces, for relaxation or entertaining. The trend for outdoor rooms and fully kitted-out open air living spaces has increased the importance of choosing the right type of sound system for the alfresco area.

If traditional speakers are used outside, they may not only look unsightly and not blend into the outdoor environment, they can also produce low quality “narrow sound” requiring a much higher volume than indoors. This can place greater loads on the amplifiers and in turn project sound into neighbouring properties and surrounding dwellings. While portable Bluetooth speakers provide quality audio, they’re not designed for ambient music when entertaining outdoors.

An outdoor audio set-up using specifically designed outdoor speakers can enhance the environment and takes the pressure off an indoor audio system to be used to create ambience outside.

Whether you are looking to create an outdoor home cinema, an outdoor living room or to simply relax on the deck, having high-performance, quality audio blended into your natural landscaped surroundings will provide a greater level of enjoyment to any outdoor activity.

What to look for in an outdoor speaker system

Traditionally, outdoor speakers have been placed on verandas and balconies facing towards the backyard. Unfortunately, this type of set up can project sound across the space and into neighbouring properties.

Designing and installing landscape speakers scattered around the outside area is more effective to deliver high quality audio to exterior entertaining areas at a comfortable volume for all.

Sonance Outdoor Speaker range

The Sonance range of outdoor speakers can create an ambient music experience that does not disturb the neighbours, whether your outdoor entertaining area is large or small.

Sonance offers an extensive selection of outdoor speakers designed to be positioned around the property boundary facing inwards, towards the entertaining area. This minimises the potential of sound travelling outside the desired area and focuses a very wide sound field to the entertainment areas of the garden.

Sonance Landscape Series

The Sonance Landscape Series is the ultimate outdoor audio system for large properties and is the premium offering in the Sonance range. Including two different sized satellite speakers, two in-ground subwoofers and one hardscape subwoofer, each piece is engineered to provide larger entertainment areas with premium audio and perfectly even coverage throughout the space.

Sonance Landscape Series is a scalable outdoor speaker system, with speakers fixed straight into the ground and designed to blend into the plants and foliage, similar in design to traditional garden bed lights. The speakers can also be attached to trees or hard landscaping features such as decks and other wooden structures for a broader sound coverage.

The accompanying subwoofers are installed discreetly below the ground, with only the top part visible to completely blend the units into the landscaped environment while providing superior low frequency bass response. Using the Sonance Landscape Series system can also allow for further extension to additional areas if required after the initial installation.

Camouflaged through dark brown composite designed not to corrode or fade over time, resisting chipping and scratching, SLS can withstand extreme weather conditions such as snow and ice, sand, surf, sun, wind, rain and hail from -29 to 88 Celsius.

Sonance Garden Series

For a mid-priced audio system, the Sonance Garden Series is a scaled down version of the premium Landscape Series, specifically configured for a smaller entertaining area up to 325 square metres.

The Garden Series is engineered as a complete system with optimal speaker to sub ratio (8:1), that can be expanded to a 16:2 system if required. Like the premium SLS, it’s designed to withstand all types of weather conditions and is easy to install, giving users a complete and quality sound experience.


For small outdoor areas or those looking for a lower cost solution, Sonance SonArray is an affordable outdoor system in one complete package with eight speakers and one subwoofer, providing users with even audio distribution and coverage up to 180 square metres. Made in an earthy colour, each speaker can be easily camouflaged amongst plants and greenery.

Just like the Sonance Landscape or Garden Speaker systems, SonArray can be placed at higher levels on trees and balconies as well as low levels blending into the surrounding foliage, to achieve the desired area of sound coverage.

Rocks, Mariners and Extremes

Sonance also manufacture a range of high-performance outdoor speakers designed to handle the toughest environments in a garden area.

Around swimming pools is a popular area for audio installation. A rock speaker system can blend in discreetly, while still producing high-performance sound. Sonance Rock speakers are splash resistant and suitable for exposure to temperatures from -25 to 65 degrees Celsius. With two colours and sizes available, the Sonance Rocks can blend easily into any landscape, providing an invisible and fit for purpose audio solution.

For more traditional outdoor setups such as courtyards, patios and under eaves, Mariner and Extreme high performance in-wall and in-ceiling speakers can be installed to achieve a more standard audio distribution result. Mariners and Extreme speakers are also suitable for installation on marine applications such as high-end leisure boats.



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