Are you buying from an Authorised Amber Dealer?

Amber Technology strongly advises customers considering any of our products to confirm that they are purchasing from an Amber Technology Authorised Dealer.

We understand that there are currently a number of retail outlets and websites falsely or misleadingly representing themselves as authorised dealers for our products. The goods they offer have been, in some cases, acquired via unauthorised practices. These may include:

1) Goods that are damaged.
2) Defective.
3) Used.
4) Parallel / Grey Imported products which may be neither designed nor suitable for use in Australia.

It is very important for potential customers to be aware that products supplied by these non-authorised sources may not meet Australian safety standards, may not perform to specification and/or may not be eligible for warranty or service support from Amber Technology.

Amber Technology and its network of Authorised Dealers only offer products which have been specifically designed and manufactured for the Australian and New Zealand markets. 

At Amber Technology, we pride ourselves on the outstanding levels of technical and service support we provide to our customers. Sadly, we cannot support products that are not compliant for use in Australia and often by the time we are contacted, such products have already suffered permanent damage due to unsuitability for local conditions. Additionally, products that may appear suitable for Australian power requirements very often will not deliver the same long-term reliability as products specifically designed for Australian conditions.

Many unauthorized dealers do not offer any service after the sale. Some may even change their name and location to avoid responsibility for any post-sale technical issues or problems. Products sold by an unauthorized dealer may not be entitled to Amber Technology’s warranty support. Similarly, a product a customer purchases which has the serial number removed or altered in any way cannot be serviced. 

It is important to note that Amber Technology provides warranty support only for products which have been sold through an Amber Technology Authorised Dealer and that relevant proof of purchase is required for warranty claims to be considered.

Customers can quickly locate their nearest Amber Technology Authorised Dealer by visiting the Dealer Finder page on this website. If there are no Authorised Dealers listed in your area, please contact us on 1800 251 367 and we will be pleased to assist you.

Thank you for your interest in our products!