One name is the leader in architectural speakers: Sonance. Sonance have the most complete line of flush-mount in-wall and in-ceiling speakers available reinforced with a terrific range of multi-room systems and accessories.

  • Architectural Series

    Architectural Series

    Take a good look at Sonance Architectural Series, and you'll never look at speakers the same way again. The first perfectly flush, completely trimless in-wall and in-ceiling speakers precisely align with the sorrounding surface to seamlessly integrate our legendary sound quality into your unique design vision. With Sonance Architectural Series, there's no reason for audio quality to come at the expense of design integrity See Products

  • Cinema Series

    Cinema Series

    Like you, Sonance are incredibly avid movie fans. They know you're on the edge of your seat for every explosion, splash, crash, cry, scream and aquel. With Sonance Cinema Series home theatre solutions, music, special effects, and dialogue are reproduced perfectly without cluttering your home theatre. Sonance home theatre solutionsdeliver every whisper of sound and every note of the soundtrack with perfect clarity...just as it was intended See Products

  • Commercial Series

    Commercial Series

    Sonance see an expanding role for their products beyond home. Sonance Commercial Series provides the A/V integrator with just what is needed for architects and designers who demand higher levels of performance and aesthetics for their commercial projects. The Commercial Series products draw on the strengths of residential products while meeting the unique requirements and certifications necessary for commercial applications. All products feature transformer taps for use in 70V and 100V applications See Products

  • Electronics


    An elite audio system is only as good as its individual components. Sonance have taken this philosophy to heart and developed a full line of amplifiers, control electronics, and accessories that allow your system to perform at its peak. Their passion for an unparalleled audio experience shows in every detail, and the breadth of their line of accessories enables you to configure a custom system that meets your needs precisely See Products

  • Invisible Series

    Invisible Series

    Imagine that. The ability to outfit any room or space with sound without creating clutter, distractions, or disruptions to the interior design. Sonance Invisible Series speakers vanish into your room design, delivering ambient music that emanates directly from walls and ceilings. Sonance Invisible Series speakers complement some of the most prominent and prestigious properties in the world, including distinctive residences, glamorous resorts, and exclusive retail establishments See Products

  • Landscape Series (SLS)

    Landscape Series (SLS)

    The Landscape Series uses strategically placed "satellite" speakers that are hidden within garden beds or amongst the foliage of trees. A subwoofer enclosure is then buried under ground or within shrubs, with just an earth-coloured hood dispersing sound perfectly. It's all about blending discreetly into the sorroundings See Products

  • Outdoor Speakers

    Outdoor Speakers

    Outdoor Speakers by Sonance offer the ideal product portfolio to fulfill the rapidly growing demand for outdoor entertainment in high-end residences. With designs and materials tailored to meet the rigorous demands of open-air applications, Outdoor Speakers bring the superior look and sound of Sonance to the great outdoors. Under the eaves, around the barbeque, by the pool, and in the garden, Sonance Outdoor Speakers have the right solution for every element of your outdoor audio installation See Products

  • Soundbars

    Sonance Soundbars feature an exclusive patent-pending adjustable width design that perfectly matches the dimensions of any 50” to 80” flat screen display. See Products

  • Subwoofers


    Sonance Subwoofers are designed for tight spaces and ease of install. See Products

  • Visual Performance Series

    Visual Performance Series

    The Visual Performance Series speakers offer extraordinary sound quality in an understated design, complementing your space without competing for attention. The Visual Performance Series features striking updated aesthetic grilles with small trim that blend gracefully into any designed environment, allowing your music to permeate the room without disturbing the design of your space See Products