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Close your eyes and listen. From the subtlest nuances of a solo violin or vocalist to the thunderous intensity of a full brass section or drum kit, it’s all there, spectacularly pure and uncolored. The professional microphones responsible? DPA, of course.

DPA Newsletter - Headworn Microphones

 Headworn microphones – how to choose the right one


What are the most important factors when we choose a headworn mic for speakers and singers? Ideally, sound quality goes hand in hand with comfort and ease of use.

Taking DPA's range of headworn mics as its reference point, this article offers useful tips on how to choose between an omni and a directional headworn mic.

Headworn microphones – how to choose the right one


Application guide: Miking the voice


Do you consider the microphone a tool or an instrument? Should the microphone add something to the voice or reproduce it?

This guide covers mic technology, visual appearance, and other considerations for speakers and singers – and their sound engineers!

Application guide: Miking the voice


Video: Tips & tricks – using the d:fine™


Winner of the ProSoundNetwork Best of Show Award, the d:fine™ headset mic has a self-adjusting ear mount and will fit any sized ear and head shape.

Check out this video with tips & tricks on how to work with the boom, earhook and cable on the d:fine™.

Tips & tricks: using the DPA d:fine™