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Close your eyes and listen. From the subtlest nuances of a solo violin or vocalist to the thunderous intensity of a full brass section or drum kit, it’s all there, spectacularly pure and uncolored. The professional microphones responsible? DPA, of course.

Sting's Strings Sing with DPA!

Sting’s front of house engineer, Howard Page, is using a large quantity of DPA 4099 condenser clip mics across the string section for Sting’s Symphonicity world tour.

Page, senior director of engineering at Clair Brothers, was approached to handle FOH for the tour due to his extensive orchestral experience. Familiar with DPA microphones from Sting’s cathedral concerts last winter, the entire string section – nine first violins, seven second violins, seven violas, five celli and three basses – is miked with 4099s, with several more on radio packs for clarinet and trumpet soloists.

“The beautiful thing about using the DPA 4099 is you turn it up and it sounds like a violin. The old contact mics didn’t give you the true texture of the violin sound, it gave you an edgy, screechy sound that you had to murder with EQ. I place the 4099s on the F hole on the top side of the violin, turn them up with no EQ, and they sound exactly like listening to the instrument. One of the most difficult challenges of doing this is instantly removed.”

Page is convinced that the DPA 4099 instrument mic series will revolutionise orchestral miking. “Word about the DPA 4099 is, believe me, getting around,” he says. “Everyone raves about how the strings sound on this show, and the reviews all mention how rich the orchestra sounds.”