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New Integra AV receivers with multi-dimensional sound

The three new 7.2 channel network AV receivers - DRX-2, DRX-3 and DRX-4 - are available exclusively through Amber Technology. 

The new range is loaded with advanced audio and visual features such as Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™ ready technologies. Dolby Atmos® creates object-oriented sounds that can be heard from all directions, including overhead resulting in 360 degree, multidimensional audio. The audio effects also move around the space, creating a lifelike cinema experience at home.


Similar to Dolby Atmos®, the DTS:X™ codec delivers object-based audio for a heightened, multidimensional effect. While Dolby Atmos® requires a specific speaker configuration, DTS:X™ creates a lifelike cinematic experience using a broader range of flexible speaker configurations. Custom installers can set-up the AV equipment to meet the needs of the end users.

 The DRX-2 features six HDMI inputs and one HDMI output, while the DRX-3 and DRX-4 each offer eight HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs. Select HDMI terminals support 4K/60 Hz as well as HDCP 2.2 and HDR for next-generation Ultra HD streaming and broadcasting. The DRX-4 has an HDBaseT interface offering long distance transmission of up to 70 metres carrying power, video and control through a single CAT5e/6 cable.


Correcting unwanted audio delays, AccuReflex phase-calibration technology ensures all sound are in sync with other speakers. Combined with AccuEQ Room Calibration, the new AV receivers deliver crystal clear surround performance. Hand-selected audio-tuned parts deliver high current performance for exceptionally smooth audio. Available on the DRX-2 and DRX-3 is the CinemaFILTER™ feature, which restores the correct tonal balance of movie soundtracks. The DRX-4 offers THX® Select2™ Plus Certified for theatre reference sound. All new models have the ability to playback compressed, lossless and high-resolution audio via the local area network.


FireConnect technology lets users send any source - digital or analogue - wirelessly from the AV receiver to one or more compatible, yet to be released, wireless speakers located in spaces of the home. Users can turn wireless zones on/off and switch music sources. It also allows users to link multiple zones, making it ideal for parties or for creating continuous flow of music throughout the home.


High-current amplification allows the new Integra AV receivers to produce soundtracks with maximum impact at 140 watts per channel on the DRX-2, 170 watts per channel on the DRX-3, and 180 watts per channel on the DRX-4.


All feature a dedicated phono input ideal for vinyl fans who want to connect a turntable to the AV receiver. Simply connect existing home entertainment equipment to the AV receiver using one of its HDMI ports. Wireless connectivity options include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which let end users access streaming services including Spotify as well as AirPlay.


A number of these features will be activated via firmware upgrades in the coming months including, FireConnect as well as wireless streaming services, Google Cast™, Tidal and Deezer. DTS:X™ technology will be available via a firmware update, which can be downloaded and installed from 31 August 2016.


·         DRX-2, RRP $1,395

·         DRX-3, RRP $1,695

·         DRX-4, RRP $1,995.


As a copy protection standard, HDCP 2.2 will become increasingly widespread in the coming years as Hollywood studios, satellite broadcasters and IPTV services have agreed to adopt this new copy protection feature for future 4K content as well as other premium studio releases.

Compatible file formats include MP3, WMA, WMA Lossless, FLAC, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, Apple Lossless, DSD 5.6 MHz and Dolby® TrueHD.

The AV receiver will automatically detect the update and will deliver prompts to be followed for installation. The DTS:X™ firmware update is supported on other Integra products including the DTR-30.7, DTR-40.7, DTR-50.7, DTR-60.7 and DHC-60.7.