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The LaunchPort system is a revolutionary way to mount and charge your iPad anywhere.

LaunchPort - the world's first inductive charging and mounting system for iPad 2™

However commercial entities have latched onto iPad in almost every conceivable market. From learning aids in schools and colleges, charting patients records in hospitals, point of sale and purchase in retail, audio visual control in corporate, through to nearly every application imaginable across the military, security, aviation, manufacturing sectors …

The iPad has become go-to user-friendly, powerful and cost effective device of the decade … when it’s charged and when you can find it!

The 30-pin connector and cable doesn’t deliver the same convenient user experience as the iPad itself, so it’s often forgotten or simply overlooked. And there’s the challenge; how do you ensure that the iPad is charged and ready to go when it’s needed? Furthermore, if it doesn’t have a “home”, where did the last person leave it?

Enter LaunchPort: The world’s first inductive charging and magnetically mounting solution for iPad 2. LaunchPort consists of 3 parts: The Sleeve for iPad 2, the WallStation and the BaseStation.

The Sleeve is held magnetically onto the BaseStation and WallStation, providing an incredibly user-friendly and secure mounting solution that allows the iPad to be rotated through a full 360 degrees.

The LaunchPort inductive charging system starts charging the iPad safely and wirelessly, as soon as the Sleeve is docked onto either the WallStation or BaseStation; eliminating the need for external chargers and a mess of cables.

The Sleeve includes a pass-through mini USB port to allow charging from the supplied iPad power adapter when a LaunchPort Station is not available.

While providing a more ergonomic feel with its handgrips, the Sleeve also features an acoustic wave-guide that passively amplifies and directs iPad’s rear facing speaker towards the user. This really has to be heard to be appreciated just what a difference it makes!

The Sleeve is available in a gloss white or soft touch black finish, while the WallStation is supplied in a flat white finish with paintable bezel to allow it to blend into the wall. The BaseStation sports a brushed extruded aluminum and black finish.

A LaunchPort system has a MRSP of $348, which consists of a Sleeve for iPad 2 and either a BaseStation or WallStation. The Sleeve retails for $149 while the BaseStation and WallStation are $199 each. The Sleeve, BaseStation and WallStation are all sold separately.

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