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Neutrik is the world leader in the design and manufacture of audio, coaxial, power and circular connector systems. Their unmatched reputation has been based on always being 'one step ahead' by understanding and solving future market needs before they arise

Neutrik Launches New Digital Wireless Audio Solution.


Neutrik has developed a new wireless technology known as DIWA (digital data transmission without data compression), along with the first product to incorporate it - the Xirium professional multi-channel wireless system.

DIWA utilises the five-gigahertz frequency band, which ostensibly solves all problems with radio frequency shortage and allows a future-proof system to be built without complex approval processes and extensive search for frequencies. The system uses patented error correction functions and offers sound quality at the highest level. By the use of state-of-the-art technology the latency is extremely short (three milliseconds) and reliability as well as interference resistance are guaranteed by Neutrik.

The Xirium product, which will operate on DIWA, includes a 4-channel base unit (Xirium TRX) together with mobile send (Xirium TX) and receiver units (Xirium RX).

With an extension unit (Xirium TRX Slave) the system can easily be extended to eight channels. Allocation and the selection of input and output channels are flexibly configurable and allow the versatile use of the system.