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Neutrik is the world leader in the design and manufacture of audio, coaxial, power and circular connector systems. Their unmatched reputation has been based on always being 'one step ahead' by understanding and solving future market needs before they arise

Revolutionary Neutrik “timbrePLUG” Now Available

Since 1975, Neutrik has consistently developed new connector concepts & designs that exceed the demands of even the most rigorous professional requirements. Neutrik’s long history of innovative design and outstanding quality has made it widely regarded as the world leader for innovative, high-performance connector systems.

Neutrik’s latest offering, the NP2RX timbrePLUG, is sure to further reinforce the company’s reputation for innovation and precision engineering.

The Neutrik timbrePLUG is a ¼″ jack plug that has been developed for performing musicians – and the idea behind it as brilliant as it is simple. Neutrik’s engineers recognised that an electric guitar’s sound is not only influenced by the instrument itself (pickups, strings, timber etc) but also by the choice of connection cable and amplifier. Different types and lengths of instrument cable can noticeably influence a guitar’s characteristic sound. Fitting the timbrePLUG to the instrument end of the cable allows musicians to adjust the ‘timbre’ of their guitar sound from a neutral, clear sound to warm characteristics in four steps by simply turning a knob on the top of the plug.

As with all the Neutrik products, the timbrePLUG has been designed to withstand the rigours of the most demanding live performances with a slim right-angle design, chuck-type strain relief and a robust all-metal construction with machined one-piece contacts.

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