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Playing way above their price range, NuVo multi-room systems are great value, easy to install & use - and sound fantastic!

NuVo RENOVIA High-Fidelity Retrofit Solution

Six Sound Sources, Up to Eight Listening Zones

Using the home’s existing power lines to distribute audio up to 8 zones, each Renovia system is comprised of a Source Hub and an easily concealed freestanding Zone Amplifier for each intended zone.  The Source Hub, complete with a built-in dual AM/FM tuner centralises the system’s six audio sources and can easily be stored out of sight.  The system works seamlessly with an extensive selection of sources, including legacy devices and NuVo’s MPS4 Music Port or MPS4-E Music Port Elite, as well as Renovia’s own NuVoDock for iPod.  Managing the system from a variety of NuVo’s attractive control solutions is intuitive and uncomplicated.

Freestanding Zone Amplifier simply plugs into any outlet.  No electrician required.

  • Whole Home Audio in up to 8 different rooms
  • Reliable retrofit solution using Homeplug 1+ technology
  • Fast and easy installation with no home run wiring
  • Wide range of control options - Colour & OLED in-wall Control Pads and Wireless Control options
  • 50 Watts of power per zone
  • Two AM/FM Tuners built in to the Source Hub
  • Six audio source inputs
  • Installation schedule measured in hours or days instead of weeks

Talk about a smart grid…
HomePlug 1.0 Enhanced Technology enables Renovia to employ a home’s existing electrical wiring system to put high fidelity sound in up to eight zones, from up to six sources, with no home run wiring.  By not wasting time running new wires when the power line has extra room to carry a signal, you’ll be doing yourself, your customer, and the environment a favour.

You Do the Math…
What we’re really saying is that virtually every home is pre-wired for Renovia.  Now consider the potential sales opportunities of multi-dwelling units and commercial spaces, and the opportunities become endless.

So Many Jobs, So Little Time…
No home run wiring means two things: Fast installation and minimal disruption.  Which leads to a third thing – faster revenues.  Because you can install a full Renovia system in about a day, your crew can do four or five in a week.

Bottom Line: Renovia builds your business.

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