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Our Service Lasts Long After Your Purchase!

The Amber team knows the importance of providing fast, efficient service for our customers long after their purchase. So whether you need product advice, tips or technical support, our One For All customer service team is always ready to assist.

Here are just a few of the comments that our OFA customers have taken the time to send us...

Hi David,

Thank you very much for getting back to me, what excellent customer service. The original remote is fine and I would like to take you up on your offer. I’m staying at a short term rental apartment and wouldn’t you know it – they have a weird television! I’ll be sure to let the retailer, Dick Smith Electronics, know how helpful you’ve been.

Hi David,

Thank you so much for your extremely efficient, accurate and excellent customer service. I was told by staff at Dick Smith that the customer service was outstanding and I am happy to say they were right. I received my Remote Control and all is working well. Once again thank you, I do appreciate your time and assistance.

Hi David,

Your instructions worked perfectly. Thank you. I have to say I am so impressed with the service you guys have offered and will recommend your products to everyone. Your device is also the only remote that has worked with my pvr so a big thumbs up from me. Thanks again.

Hi David

Received back today with thanks. Been a pleasure to deal with you thank you for your help. Will highly recommend your products and backup to anyone I can. Thank you.

Hi David,

Just want to thank you for all your help. I am very impressed with the customer service that you have delivered and it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with One For All. Thank you.

Dear Jessica,

I would like to report that I have been deeply impressed by the level of technical expertise and the personal service and satisfaction I have since received from Ambertech and its personnel. A task performed with skill, enthusiasm, patience, speed and friendliness. I am hard to please yet delighted with the result, especially with a somewhat dated universal remote.

Sincerely, R******

Dear R******,

Thank you so much for the kind comments about our Customer Service department in Australia. As the person in contact on a day to day basis with all of our Distributors, it is good to hear that customers are receiving this standard of service. Customer Service has a very high priority within our company. I am also copying the department in Australia on this email so that they can read your comments.

Kind Regards,

Marion Jessica May, Customer Care Center,

Hi David ,

I would just like to say thank you very much in helping myself out with the remote I could not get to work. You do not come across someone accommodating with a pleasant nature much any more - you're an asset to your employer with the way you conduct your self with your friendly manner and speed in which you process and fix the problem thank you very much :-)

Dear David

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain the steps I need to take to activate my "OneForAll" Universal Remote "URC-7940", as well as sending me the additional information in your email. I am very impressed with your prompt attention both with the phone call yesterday & clarity of explanation, as well as sending me the promised email. All this gives me the impression of a highly professional operative within a professional organisation with a very high regard to customer service, not just lip service. Congratulations. I will now carefully read your instructions & work my way through the steps you have provided. This will unfortunately only happen in 2 weeks time as we are off on holidays soon & I can't spare the time until we return. Thanks again.

Hi David,

Thanks for that. It worked fine. What a fantastic service you just provided and what a nice little remote. I’m impressed and thanks again.

Thank you for your very speedy response and sending me the WAV file. Unfortunately they failed to work, but I understand that your company has done all it can do in this case, and it may be that the TV has a fault, and I will contact the retailer of the TV. May I mention that the service you have all provided me has been exemplary, and well above my expectations. Your customer service is the best that I have encountered, and may I congratulate you all. I am sure that complaints are readily sent, but I feel that good service should also be recognised. I certainly will recommend your products to any of my friends that are in need of such machines. Thank you once again.

Hi Phil & Broni,

I purchased a OFA remote control from Dick Smith approximately 4 months ago. The remote was purchased so that I could consolidate my VCR, DVD, TV & Set Top Box with one remote. When I got the remote home I found that it worked for all the appliances I had except the set top box. I called your Customer Service Line and the call was answered by David Holberton. I gave him all the information that he needed and he said to leave it with him and he would chase everything up for me. David called me back within about 10mins and told me that the set top box I had was not as yet programmed and could I please send in my old set top box remote and he would have the technicians look at it and see if they could program it for me. I told David that my remote was broken and he said not to worry just post it in and they would still have a look and see if they could repair it and go from there.

I can’t tell you how impressed/taken back I was as I had not had this kind of Customer Service for a long time and to this day I still cannot believe how helpful David has been through the whole process. David I feel went far and beyond what was expected of him. I did send the remote back but unfortunately you could not fix it but yet again David stepped up to the plate without being asked and went that step further by contacting the company (BUSH) who is the manufacture and asked them to send me a new remote so that OFA could program it. David called me and told me he had be liaising with BUSH and they asked him to get me to call them with purchase date etc. which I did and now I have the new remote and I am posting the remote to David tomorrow. So soon I should have a OFA remote that does everything, I am so excited. I would like to congratulate David for his OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE and hope you recognise how much of an asset he is to OFA.

Dear Jason,

I recently purchased a "One For All" remote and as I am in my 80's and unsure of technology advancements, I phoned your helpline and was very fortunate to have spoken to 'DAVID HOLBERTON'. David explained in great detail of how to code the remote, but I was still unsure so he decided to get me to send it in, he did the coding for me, then returned it. I would like to express my thanks and gratitude of how David assisted me. His patience and helpful manner is to be commended and I would just like this to be noted as customer service like what David provided me is very hard to find these days. I will most definitely recommend your products to others given the extensive assistance I received and the quality of your product.

Hello Dave,

I just picked up the remote from the Post Office (yeah, took me a while, eh). It works, on code: 0826, so thank you for loading the extra Centrex codes for me, as the code 1075 does not work at all. I'm happy and very pleased with the service received from Once for All and by you too Dave. If you wish to pass-on my feedback regarding my utter satisfaction with the Tech Dept's services in general, and your services in particular, then please do so. I've found communication via all modes to be of a high quality, where trouble-shooting and other issues were dealt with with both a friendly tone and efficiency; turn-around time on the Universal Remote was perfect; uploading several codes to the remote was well thought-out on Dave's part, and as it happened, a necessity in my instance. Thanks to the Tech Team and to Dave. Well done!