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Primacoustic manufactures advanced acoustic panels for a wide range of applications. With over 30 years experience in studio & live sound, Primacoustic is a world leader in acoustic treatment for both professional and home audio applications.

New LONDON Room Acoustic Treatment Kits

Based on the enormous popularity of their original London 12™  Studio-In-A-Box room treatment kit, Primacoustic has released 2 new London Series kits which are perfect for anyone seeking affordable, attractive & professional quality room treatment.

According to Primacoustic Product Specialist Jay Porter: "It just made sense to expand our line of room kits. The London 12™ is a great success. It offers the user a complete package of professional grade acoustical treatment that looks great, works great and is economical. Our next logical step was to develop kits that could accommodate smaller rooms and specialty applications.”

The new London 8 is the perfect ‘starter’ kit. It includes all the fundamental tools required to treat a home recording studio for minimal cost. This kit will vastly improve the acoustics in a room and more Primacoustic panels can always be added at a later date as needs expand.

The London 10 takes recording to the next level by increasing the panel count for more control and adapts to larger spaces. This room kit is ideal for treating a project studio, gaming audio facility or post production suite.

All Primacoustic Broadway panels are made from premium 6lb glass wool. Edges are resin treated and the surfaces are encapsulated in micromesh. The panels are then covered in a durable acoustic fabric and offered in choice of three colors. Broadway panels are further tested to meet stringent class-1/A requirements for safe use in commercial buildings. Each London kit comes complete with hanging hardware, screws and wall anchors.

London room kits take the guess work out of acoustical room treatment and are super easy to install!