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Meet Radial's Expanded WORKHORSE

Radial Engineering's WORKHORSE is a modular rack & mixer system which combines Radial's popular 500 Series platform, an incredibly flexible patching system and an expanding range of high-performance processing modules to create the ultimate studio environment.

  • 500 Series 8-slot rack with 8x2 summing mixer
  • Bulletproof design is backwards compatible
  • Plenty of current for power-hungry modules
  • Dual output headphone buss for monitoring

Able to house up to 8 modules, the Radial Workhorse frame lets you mix & match preamps, EQ's, compressors & more and bring them all together in one rack. Individual modules may be accessed on the rear panel following the traditional API™ format or bussed to the built-in 8x2 summing mixer for left-right signal panning, level control and muting. Once mounted, a unique 'feed' functon lets you configure modules to feed one another in series to create the channel strip of your dreams!

The Workhorse Rack's master section features a traditional virtual ground mix buss combined with the superb sonic performance of Jensen Transformers on the main mix outs. A separate stereo monitor output provides playback, plus a super-loud dual-output headphone amp lets the engineer share the mix with the artist. Multiple Workhorses may be ganged together using the expansion buss to build 16, 24 or even 32-channel systems.

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