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New Radial H-AMP

Radial Engineering has announced the release of their innovative new H-Amp, a unique passive interface that can take any loudspeaker signal and convert it to a headphone source. Designed for live stage applications, the H-Amp allows, for example, a drummer to get a monitor feed from any loudspeaker!

According to Radial’s president, Peter Janis: “The H-Amp is one of those products that had unfortunately been 'backburnered' pending completion of other projects. Several of our professional touring customers have been waiting on this product release. They can see the merit of being able to take a speaker feed and quickly convert it so that it can feed a headphone. Well the wait is over..."

The H-Amp is a rugged device equipped with two Neutrik Speakon connectors. One of these can take the output from a monitor wedge or side fill and automatically convert the high level loudspeaker signal to a mono feed for headphones. The second Speakon provides a throughput to feed additional H-Amps for studio use or on concert stages where multiple members of an orchestra may need a headphone feed.

The H-Amp also features dual outputs to enable two musicians to share the same feed. Each output is equipped with a separate level control and a 3-band filter set can be inserted into one of the headphone outs to tailor the signal for different types of headphones.

Like all Radial products, the H-Amp is designed to endure the abuse of professional touring. 14 gauge steel construction throughout provides excellent shielding and Radial’s I-Beam internal frame ensures the PCB assembly remains stress free. The innovative “book-end” casing design provides a protective barrier around the switches, controls & connectors further lengthening lifespan whilst a full non-slip base pad provides both mechanical isolation and electrical insulation.