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Radial JD7 is “Indispensable Studio Tool” for Guitar Legend, Steve Vai

Canada’s Radial Engineering has announced guitarist extraordinaire Steve Vai has been kind enough to lend his name to supporting Radial Engineering and their JD7 Injector  Signal Distribution Amplifier.

According to Radial’s president, Peter Janis: “Several years ago, while chatting with Steve at the House of Blues in Vancouver, I suggested he should try one of our Radial JD7’s. Back then, Steve had gone through the process of testing a bunch of guitar signal splitters and was not impressed with the way they worked. He’d therefore pretty much written off the idea of finding an acceptable solution.”

 "A few months ago, while preparing for the Jimmy Hendrix tribute shows that he’d staged, his tech Greg Wurth suggested he try the Radial ToneBone Switchbone AB-Y as they were having problems with buzz & hum when switching between a couple of amps on stage. While testing, we also sent Steve a JD7 to play with and he was pleased with the results.”

When asked about the JD7, Steve had this to say: "The Radial JD7 Injector is by far the finest guitar signal distro and Reamper I have ever come across. In fact, it's the only one I have ever used that works cleanly with no hum or loading to the original signal. It has become an indispensable studio tool for me."

The Radial JD7 has in fact become something of a standard studio fixture for recording studios that specialise in tracking guitars. The fact that it can drive as many as 7 amps simultaneously and then be used for Reamping makes it a very convenient & powerful tool.

The critical advantage is the combination of Radial's award-winning Class-A circuit design, Drag Control™ load correction and of course, the liberal use of top-of-the-line Jensen transformers. This faithfully reproduces the guitar signal without loading the pickup and sends it along to the amps with absolute purity.

Other top artists that use the Radial JD7 include John Petrucci, Steve Lukather, Neil Schon, Carlos Santana, Buddy Guy, Steve Rotherby, George Lynch, Metallica and Aerosmith.