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SSL Launch X-PANDA Compact Mixer


Solid State Logic, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional digital & analogue consoles, chose the recent Frankfurt Musikmesse exhibition to launch their new X-Panda, a versatile 24-channel compact SuperAnalogue™ mixer.

Building on the success of their highly-acclaimed X-Desk, the X-Panda is a new small- format analogue mixer aimed at project studio owners and packs typically pristine SSL audio quality and a versatile feature set into its remarkably compact frame.

As a standalone product, X-Panda serves as a high quality, 24-input mixer that can be used for tracking (in conjunction with external mic pres) or master mix summing.

In conjunction with an SSL X-Desk, X-Panda introduces 24 additional channels, which via the ‘X-Desk Link’ connection, feed directly into the X-Desk Master Buss, Cue and Aux Send/Return system. In conjunction with an X-Rack summing system (fitted with Master Module), X-Panda adds faders and additional inputs to create an extremely versatile mixer.

The new X-Panda can also be used with any other mixer to expand available channel count.

X-Panda provides 8 x Mono channels (each with Main & Alt inputs for a total of 16 x Mono inputs) plus 4 x Stereo channels to deliver a total of 24 channels at mixdown.

All channels feature an input Level Trim with centre detent at Unity Gain, tri-colour signal indicator LED’s, Phase Invert, Insert and a Direct Channel Output (which can be switched post fader). Each channel also has a Stereo Cue section with dedicated Level & Pan controls. When tracking, this is traditionally used to create a monitor feed to the Stereo Cue Buss Output but on mono channels, Alt buttons flip the Stereo Cue section controls to adjusting the Alt input Level & Pan for mixdown.

Each channel features independent FX1 and FX2 send level controls (globally switched Pre/Post fader), self-illuminated heavy duty Solo & Cut buttons, Pan/Balance controls and precision 100mm faders to complete the channel strip.

The X-Panda also features a Stereo Mix Buss, Stereo Cue Buss and Solo Buss. When linked to an X-Desk, the X-Panda’s Mix Buss & Stereo Cue Buss feed into the respective Busses on the X-Desk. The Solo systems are also linked so that soloing any channel mutes all other channels on all linked units. Similarly, when an X-Panda is linked to an X-Desk (with Master Module fitted) the Mix, Cue & Solo Busses are also Linked.

It’s possible to cascade up to eight X-Desk and X-Panda units using the ‘X-Desk Link’ system, enabling very high channel count systems to be configured.

When used as a standalone unit, the X-Panda’s main Mix Buss and FX Busses are set to sum at unity gain enabling it to act as a summing mixer without the need for Master Level controls.

Key Features:

  • Highly versatile compact analogue mixer with SSL SuperAnalogue™ benchmark audio quality.
  • 24-Channel expander for SSL’s X-Desk or any other analogue mixer.
  • Adds long throw 100mm faders and 24 Channel Inputs to an SSL X-Rack summing system.
  • Stand-alone 24 input summing mixer.
  • 8 x Mono fader channels with Main & Alt inputs for a total of 16 x Mono inputs.
  • 4 x Stereo fader channels with Stereo Inserts & Stereo Direct Outputs.
  • Stereo Cue plus FX1 & FX2 mono Aux Send controls.
  • Heavy duty, self-illuminated Solo/Cut switches.
  • Compact desktop design with removable 19” rack ears.
  • Rear panel connections via DB25 D-Sub.