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iB Modified G-System & Nova Delay


Exclusive, limited edition modification takes two of TC’s most acclaimed guitar systems to new levels of sonic purity.

In the northern part of Italy, a tech wizard carries out modifications and designs complete effects systems for some of Europe’s best guitar players based on TC Electronic guitar processors. His name is Massimo Mantovani, and one of his most popular mods is an input buffer tweak for TC’s G-System & Nova Delay.

Now, the design team at TC has joined forces with Mantovani to develop the ultimate input buffer modification. The result is an exclusive, limited edition production run of iB Modified  versions of both the G-System and Nova Delay.

Both of these systems offer exactly the same ultimate versatility & musicality as the originals but subtle changes to the analogue input design and several other components have delivered a super-transparent tone that offers loads of punch and an incredibly “snappy” response. In short, iB Modified has taken both these systems a step beyond perfection!

Both the new systems are good lookers, too. The G-System iB Modified  comes in a mean-looking black finish that’ll cause heads to turn on any stage while the bright red Nova Delay iB Modified  will add both class & style (as well as superior delay processing) to any pedal board!