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Mastodon's Troy Sanders Picks BLACKSMITH

 TC's ground-breaking BLACKSMITH Bass Amp has joined metal sensation Mastodon on stages all over the world, as well as in the studio!

In recent years, Mastodon has taken the metal scene by storm with critically acclaimed albums and tons of sold out concerts.

Fronting the band you'll find bass player and vocalist Troy Sanders, who has decided on the TC Blacksmith bass amp and RS410 bass cabinets to deliver the raw power and low-end punch he needs on stage.

According to Troy, four words sum up the character & nature of the Blacksmith: “Power, warmth, clarity and drive. I’m rocking the Blacksmith every night – it’s killer!”

The TC Blacksmith offers more than just a massive 1600 watts of power. With renowned Bass Amp 2.0  features such as integrated chromatic bass tuner, refined tone-shaping tools including 4-band EQ, SpectraComp™ 'per string compression', TubeTone™ 'complete Tube pre- & power amp re-creation' and TweeterTone™ 'intelligent HF control' as well as the unique 3 user-defined memories, Blacksmith takes bass amplification to a new level in more than one respect.

After taking Blacksmith for a test drive, Troy was so hooked on the amp that he decided to bring it along to the studio as the band set out to record its new album "The Hunter" which was released only a few days ago. In fact, it ended up being used on almost the entire record (see video interview below).

Interview with Troy Sanders

Troy Sanders talks about his Blacksmith bass rig, how it was used on their new album 'The Hunter' and the benefits of touring with it. He also talks about his role in the band and how the sound of Mastodon has changed over the years. 

 Troy Sanders Gear Run

Troy's bass tech Darren gives us a tour around Troy's 2011 setup. We hear about how his bass amps are mixed to shape the Mastodon sound and we get to check out his amps and basses...