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New DB4 & DB8 MkII Digital Broadcast Processors

Consistency in loudness is arguably the single most important audio issue to get right in broadcast which is why TC Electronic's original DB4 & DB8 became one of the world's most widely used digital transmission processing platforms. They set new standards for real-time loudness control, format conversion, flexibility & reliability.

Now TC engineers have further refined and expanded these already hugely successful designs. The new MkII versions conform to the latest EBU, ATSC & ITU Loudness and True-peak level standards across all platforms and all formats. Plus the broadcast world's highest resolution, lowest latency and lowest distortion performance comes standard with the DB4 & DB8 MkII.

The original DB4 & DB8 were already the world's most popular broadcast processors. Now with the new MKII versions, TC have packed in simply more of everything:


More Metering

The MKII versions feature EBU R128 & ATSC A/85 compliant new LM6 Loudness Meters, new SNMP functions and you can always ‘go back in time’, reviewing one full week of detailed logging, even without connection to a computer. In DB4 MKII, the LM6 meter is always available in addition to its two multi-channel audio processors.

More Redundancy

With several thousand units operating constantly all over the world, there is plenty of proof that the original DB4 & DB8 processors rarely fail. On the other hand, live broadcasting always calls for the ultimate level of ‘operational safety’, so TC have ensured  that the DB4 & DB8 MKII will never be without power. Owners get the same power supply as the original units - but now there are two of them. There are also double the fuses, mains inlets and even the Swiss-made Papst fans. If one of the power supplies should fail, the other will take over instantly, and the power supplies can even be fed from independent power sources.

More Compatibility

TC's DB2, DB4 and DB8 processors are famous for their preset compatibility, allowing installations of any size to use the same settings. DB4 MKII and DB8 MKII are just as user-friendly and you can run any preset from the original DB4 and DB8 units straight out of the box.

More Trickle-Down

DB4 and DB8 processors have a record of introducing novel solutions that facilitate multi-platform broadcast ("Trickle-Down processing") from one, low latency frame. The MKII's continue on the same path with generous new functions that work regardless if metadata has been correctly set upstream or not.

Mastering Quality

Synchronous 48 kHz sampling and 48 bit processing throughout, in combination with massive jitter rejection, ensures high audio resolution and perfect timing, even if you have long transmission lines feeding a processor. In fact, you could cascade hundreds of DB processors without degrading the sound as much as a single pass through HDTV data reduction.

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