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TC Loudness Meters Meet New BS.1770-2 Standard

A global audio revolution is under way. For the past 2 years, Broadcast and Pro Audio engineers have been moving away from peak level normalization and towards new, loudness-based solutions. In April 2011, another important step was taken when ITU-R upgraded its BS.1770 standard to BS.1770-2.

The first version of BS.1770 focused on ambiguous speech detection, which can have unexpected consequences when trying to control the level of commercials or programs of certain genres. The improved 1770-2 recommendation incorporates a clever relative gate, making the measurement well-defined and practical to use across genres. It is also now relevant for controlling the level of promos and commercials.

In addition, the new version is completely open-standard - a result of  TC Electronic donating core technology to EBU, where it was refined by PLOUD and then brought back into the revised ITU standard.

Now, TC Electronic has updated their Radar Loudness Meters in the System 6000 MkII (V5.11), DB4 MkI & MkII (V3.20), DB8 MkI & MkII (V3.20), LM2 (V1.11), TM7 & TM9 TouchMonitors (V1.14) and LM5D for ProTools HD (V2) to comply with BS.1770-2.

Besides BS.1770-2 measurement compatibility, these systems also feature dedicated EBU R128, TR-B32 and ATSC A/85 metering presets.

Currently, smooth and BS.1770-2 compliant loudness correction is available with TC's DB4, DB8, DB4 MkII & DB8 MkII and their DB2 will get the capability within the coming few months.

So with BS.1770-2 compliance, loudness is always on the level!