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TC Release Limited Edition NOVA SYSTEM

Guitarists all over the world have chosen TC's original Nova System for its world-class reverbs, delays & modulation effects. Now the TC team is offering a Limited Edition version of this amazing pedal board that just oozes exclusivity & star-quality - and is packed with unique features & presets programmed by some of the world's leading rock guitarists.

Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal and Peter Thorn are both long-time users of the original Nova System so they were excited when TC asked them to create 20 presets each for this new limited edition - 20 unique presets that they use every day when touring the world with Guns N’ Roses and Chris Cornell of Audioslave and Soundgarden.

Just some of the hot new features:

  • Limited run of 1000 worldwide
  • One-of-a-kind red anodized aluminum cover
  • All-new presets by Bumblefoot Thal (classic Guns N’Roses sounds as well as some far out tones only Bumble could come up with!) and Peter Thorn (whose Nova System video is still TC's most popular) including “Black Hole Sun” and several other Soundgarden tones.
  • A set of presets made by TC Electronic demonstrator Russell Gray, recreating some of the most classic guitar tones in rock history including U2, Van Halen and Pink Floyd.

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