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TC "TonePrint" FX Pedals - The Future Has Arrived!

So Why's Everyone Talking About TonePrint?

TC Electronic has released 5 amazing guitar pedals that let users play with unique tones created by some of the world’s greatest guitar players. The new pedals – Corona Chorus, Flashback Delay, Vortex Flanger, Shaker Vibrato and Hall of Fame Reverb all combine simplicity & flexibility with unrivalled sound quality – they simply take cool to a whole new level!

But there's a lot more to these new pedals than meets the eye - it's called TonePrint, and it'll rock your world. TonePrint gives you instant access to tones that are custom-tweaked by your own guitar heroes.

TC's gathered a vast & ever-expanding list that can only be described as the definitive "who's who" of the guitar world and asked them to customize the latest TC pedals with their signature sounds -  the tones that made them famous. A TonePrint isn’t just a static preset, it’s a complete re-tuning of the pedal including the sound and how the pots react – everything that makes a pedal unique. So you can interact directly with the sounds provided by the music world's greats.

Via a simple USB-connection, TonePrint allows you to download custom tunings made by your favorite guitarists straight into your pedal, easy, free and fast. A vast and ever-expanding roster of the finest guitarists alive are working with TC to give you their custom TonePrint settings, so forget emulation, let’s talk collaboration!

The new TC TonePrint pedal range is simply a "must-try" for any guitarist so check them out soon at your nearest Authorised TC Electronic Dealer!