Cool Components - Advanced System Controllers

Advance Control for all Low Voltage Fans


  • Control for fan on/off, fan speed control and alarm

  • Fully prgrammable for customised control of fan

  • Display shows temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius

  • Low voltage trigger for even greater control

  • Audible alarm and contact closure on alarm

  • Attractive and durable powder coated metal housing

The advanced and Dual Advanced System Controllers (CB-TC-ASC/CB-TC-ASC-2) are programmable thermostats ideal for controlling cooling units within an AV system. Both units are only for low voltage fans and automatically turn fans on and off and can also vary fan speeds based on temperature.

For more advanced, specialised applications these untis also feature low voltage triggers for on and off control as well as contact closures that act in conjunction with advanced alarm features.

The LED displays provide a constant temperature read out which makes programming very simple. Besides offering two seperate controllers in one unit the Dual Advanced System Controller (CB-TC-ASC-2) can be rack mounted and features four 2.1mm Power Connections for powering other low voltage devices such as IP systems.

Both units include power supplies.


The many features, combined with ease of use, make these controllers the best choice for professional installers.