Gefen Announces Two New GefenPRO Scalers for 3GSDI

Digital connectivity solutions provider Gefen announced the release of two new GefenPRO Scalers: the 3GSDI to 3GSDI Scaler and the HDMI and DVI to 3GSDI Scaler.

GefenPro Broadcast

A Scaler with Additional Benefit of Frame Synchronization

The 3GSDI to 3GSDI Scaler includes a frame synchronizer that generates an impeccably timed, high quality video output when using different SDI sources and displays. Any SDI input can be up- or down-scaled to match the ideal video resolution output, supporting ED-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI formats.

“Non-genlocked source video is synchronized to the connected genlock house clock with frame synchronization accuracy, so when you use this device, you can perfectly match the frame timing, which can be especially helpful in live video production or a broadcast environment,” said Hagai Gefen, president. Gefen.

Adjustable cadence detection, frame rate conversion, detail enhancements and advanced noise reduction all improve video quality. A built-in pattern generator with color bars and hatch patterns gives the ability to further fine-tune the video. This Scaler can also be used as stand-alone frame synchronizer, where the video output is genlocked to house clock. All features are accessible through the on-screen menu, IR remote or RS-232 control. An additional USB port is used for system upgrades.

Convert from HDMI and DVI to 3GSDI, scale content, and synchronize SDI equipment

The HDMI and DVI to 3GSDI Scaler allows the user to switch between a HDMI or DVI source and convert and scale the output to all resolutions supported by 3GSDI up to 1080p or 2k. It has backwards compatibility with all SDI formats and an enhanced frame synchronization feature to genlock the video on the output. When using an HDMI source, two channels of audio can be output separately as S/PDIF coaxial, and up to eight channels of HDMI audio will be embedded onto the 3GSDI stream.

This Scaler also provides advanced features such as adaptive video interlacing with edge interpolation, advanced noise reduction, alpha blending and image enhancement to improve video performance. The internal power supply provides better connectivity with no risk of accidental disconnection. Users access all features through the on-screen menu, RS-232 or IR remote control.

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