New Apple Bluetooth Adapter from Accent Acoustics

The iBT1 Bluetooth converter for Apple devices will grant Bluetooth connectivity to any iPod speaker dock for wireless music streaming, freeing your phone from the cradle and giving new connection possibilities to users with lightning connectors.










Wireless Bluetooth audio streaming is now possible from any standard iPod speaker dock, no longer will you need to give up your phone to get great sounding music or throw your old speaker dock away if you recently upgraded to a lightning connector iPhone.

 Android and tablet users are covered too, any previously iPhone exclusive device is now useable for all makes and models of non Apple origin.

•    Change any dock to a Bluetooth compatible device
•    Integrated design, no power supply needed
•    True plug and play
•    Bluetooth LED for status indication
•    Bluetooth on / off button
•    Gloss Black finish
•    10 Meter transmission distance

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