Presenting Cool Components

Cool Components - Cooling & Ventilation Products for Today's Audio Video Systems

Cool Components products help vent and circulate air, thus protecting individual components and entire systems.  When several audio / video components are installed in close proximity of one another, especially inside a cabinet or enclosure, overheating can cause the system to shut down or worse, fail all together. Heat can also slowly damage the components shortening the life of the equipment - in some cases, very significantly decreasing the life of the equipment.  Examples of heat damage on components includes dry joints and ‘thermal runaway’, it can also cause board layers to separate, and capacitors to dry out.  

With the incredibly diverse range of Cool Components products, there’s a cooling solution for an endless list of applications.


The range includes:
  • Cooling Units – Single fan and Dual fan units designed specifically to spot cool components;
  • Four-fan and “Fully Loaded” units rack-mounted or stacked between components are engineered to quietly and aggressively cool full-sized units such as amps and receivers;  
  • Rack-mounted 1RU 9-Fan Component Cooler, 1RU and 2RU specially manufactured Universal Cooling Systems and “Cool Shelves” in both 2RU and 3RU for cooling in rack applications; 
  • Cabinet venting systems to directly and efficiently vent challenging cabinetry applications;
  • Ventilation systems to circulate air where warmer air accumulates to another area;
  • Complete 19RU and 40RU racks featuring integrated active venting systems which require no additional space in the rack;
  • Game console coolers for Xbox, Playstation 3 and Wii designed to be attached directly to, and powered by, the console.


Hi-Flo Vent System

Powered by the variable voltage power supply, fan systems can be adjusted to vary fan speed to quietly or aggressively cool depending on the application.  Fans can also be reversed by simply removing fans to allow a pull of air into a cabinet (for example) or push air into a component or conversely, extract or pull warm air away.  Additionally, fan systems can be combined with Temperature controllers to provide additional control – the most basic unit simply turns fans on and off based on temperature, fully automated versions allow control over fan speed based on temperature. 
Universal Cooler System - 1RU
Cool Components products will protect equipment every second they are running.  Not unlike the principle of the value of surge protection – which may protect a system once, twice or perhaps never in the life of a system – Cool Components products will protect every second they are running.
9-Fan Component Cooler
Van Kits
Amber Technology now has two ‘Van Kits’ in stock which are a great sampler pack of Cool Components’ most popular products. 
The ‘Van Kit CI’ contains a selection of cabinet venting components for the custom installer – see full details here.
The ‘Van Kit Pro’ contains a selection of rack-mount cooling components for the custom installer as well as for the professional / broadcast markets – see full details here
The full range of Cool Components products can be viewed here.