Schertler Launches DELUXE SERIES Amps

The New Performance Benchmark For Acoustic Instrument Amplifiers!

The Schertler brand name has long been famous for providing some of the world’s finest precision transducer & amplification systems for acoustic instruments. Now, the specialist Swiss manufacturer has released new “Deluxe” versions of its already popular Unico and David portable acoustic amplifiers.

Designed to set new standards in acoustic instrument amplification, the 3-channel Unico Deluxe and 2-channel David Deluxe have been engineered to deliver outstanding transparency, clarity, warmth & accuracy of sound with a feature set carefully crafted to meet the challenges of virtually any acoustic performance situation.

At every level, the new Deluxe Series reflect Stephan Schertler’s 35 years experience in developing professional-quality transducers & amplification systems. Both models contain a brand new Class A preamplifier design (no integrated circuits) coupled with a precision power amp stage and high-performance speaker set.

Other innovative features include “intelligent” inputs which automatically recognise the impedance of a pickup or microphone (no need for DI boxes or buffers) and the provision of a high-quality headphone preamp.

Each input channel features a 4-band EQ stage, special dedicated filters for Warmth, Resonance & Brilliance, peak LED’s and LED indicators for phantom power. A –15dB Pad is fitted to the STAT channel, whilst the MIC/DYN channels include phase reverse switching.

With a footprint of just 335 x 370mm and weighing in at 19kg, the 3-channel Unico Deluxe delivers a potent 280 Watts of bi-amplified power. The more compact David Deluxe (weighing less than 13kg) delivers 150 Watts. Both models are designed to be compatible with all current microphone / transducer brands.

Compact, powerful and with a superbly accurate, honest sound, the new Schertler Deluxe Series offers the perfect amplifier solution for discerning acoustic musicians.