Schertler Unveils "Yellow Blender"

New model resets performance benchmark for acoustic instrument preamps.


Schertler has long been famous for providing some of the world’s finest precision transducer & amplification systems for acoustic instruments. Now the specialist Swiss manufacturer has released their latest creation – the stunning Yellow Blender   Class-A Preamp & Mixer/Blender.

The new Yellow Blender further enhances Schertler’s internationally acclaimed range of high-performance acoustic instrument preamps and features a modern sophisticated design, user-friendly interface and pure Class-A electronics.

The Schertler design team has ensured that the Yellow takes both the quality & performance of their previous Pre-A Series preamps to a new level, with every section engineered to ensure maximum potential from any kind of sound source.

The Schertler Yellow Blender provides musicians with up to 3 Input channel options for connecting a range of microphones, pick-ups and other sources - plus up to 4 x  balanced/unbalanced Output options for connection to active loudspeakers, mixers, headphones and recording devices.

Every single section of the new Schertler Yellow Blender has been carefully thought through and engineered to provide the highest performance standards in demanding professional applications.

The two main microphone and instrument channels include 4-band EQ to allow performers to individually tailor their sound. In addition, the unit's send & return sockets can also be used for an external effects loop. Finally, the Yellow's lightweight yet robust aluminium housing has been engineered to withstand the rigours of regular live use.

• Compact design
• Robust yet lightweight aluminium casing
• Up to 3 Input channels suitable for all types of microphones & pick-ups
• Up to 4 Output channels with multiple connections
• Headphone output
• Send & Return for effects loop
• 4-Band EQ on the two main Input channels
• Precision, pure Class-A electronics deliver superb performance