TC Electronic DB6

Intelligent Loudness Management helps you to stay compliant with the latest broadcast standards and legislation

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DB-6 Intelligent Loudness Management

DB6 manages your audio loudness to stay compliant with broadcast standards and legislation at all times, without sacrificing audio quality.

DB6 handles up to three SD/HD/3G streams in a single rack space unit. It measures and adjusts audio formats, loudness and true-peak level automatically, at the same time logging stats for documentation and evaluation.

DB6 is an addition to our highly acclaimed DB family of processors that includes DB2, DB4 and DB8.

DB processors have been used 24/7 at numerous world-leading broadcast stations for more than a decade and you can operate them from one constantly developing user interface.

  • One-Step Loudness Management - Plug & Play with the Powerful LoudnessWizard™ Algorithm
  • True Value - Cost-Effective, High-Density, Audio at Its finest
  • Forever Compliant - Be Compliant Today, Stay Compliant Tomorrow

One-Step Processing

DB6 is like having a Plug & Play solution to Loudness. It combines all your loudness related tasks into one simple, easy-to-operate process. Once it is set up, you can leave it alone to work its wonders, and while setting it up the, you'll notice how flexible the unit is.

As the diagram shows, you can apply two LoudnessWizard algorithms to each SDI stream, but on top of that you can also add one or two LM6 Loudness Radar Meters on either side of the LoudnessWizard in order to measure loudness before as well as after any processing has happened.

Signal Flow

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